Setting up

Working out how to set up your company from a legal standpoint is crucial. Assessing which type of structure is right for you (sole trader versus limited company, for example) will have a huge knock-on effect on how your business is regulated.

We’ve combined all resources into our comprehensive guide on setting up your business, covering the different business forms, registering your company, and an introduction on accounting and tax, which is explored in greater detail under the manage your business section.

Business planning

A good business plan is no guarantee of success, but not having a business plan is seen by a great many entrepreneurs as increasing the likelihood of failure. Why? A business plan is an opportunity to see how the different parts of your business work together and identify key risks. It also helps sets goals and objectives and acts as a measure of progress towards them.

Business plans also help with accessing finance, recruiting key staff and engaging with a wide variety of stakeholders such as regulators or major suppliers. In our guide you’ll find it all.